Public education matters.

Let’s get it right.

We can all agree that quality public education is essential. Our future depends on providing this generation—and the next—with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to succeed.

Teachers make it look easy, but it’s not.

After seven consecutive years of underfunding, teachers and students are feeling the impact of fewer resources, less one-on-one time and increasing classroom complexity—factors like growing child poverty and mental health concerns among students.

While the province delivered a welcome funding increase in 2023, Manitobans deserve to know it’s not a one-time, election year event.

Teachers want a commitment from government—and those who seek to form government—that education is a priority this year and every year, and that it will provide stable, effective, equitable funding equal to the growing needs of students.

What do we mean by stable, effective, and equitable funding?

Stable: an investment that teachers and students can count on. Every year, election or not.

Effective: resources that support students coming to class with increasingly complex needs.

Equitable: funding that delivers a quality education to all students, no matter where in Manitoba they live, or what their personal circumstances.

Tell the government: help all kids achieve their potential. Provide schools with stable, effective and equitable funding, this year and every year.


The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has put forward a series of funding recommendations to government, yet we still have no commitment on several key issues

Teacher wants:

✓ Stable, effective and equitable funding for public education, this year and every year.
✓ Class composition to be considered when determining class size
✓ Improved mental health supports for students, and,
✓ A meaningful strategy to address child poverty.

Click here to see The Manitoba Teachers’ Society education funding submission to government.

In opposing Bill 64, Manitobans made it clear that they value quality public education that gives all students a chance to succeed.

Now is our chance to get it right.

Add your voice to ours, and show your support for public education that creates change for the better.