Public education matters.

Let’s get it right.

When it comes to public education, parents and teachers want change — change that puts resources directly into classrooms so every child can reach their full potential.


Manitobans slammed the door on Bill 64, and now we must focus on what comes next.

✓ Smaller class sizes.
✓ Better access to clinicians.
✓ A meaningful strategy to address child poverty.
✓ A commitment to diversity and inclusion.

These are just some of the ways we can create change for the better, together. 

Click here to see the Manitoba Teachers’ Society’s recommendations to the K-12 Commission on Public Education.

In opposing Bill 64, Manitobans made it clear that they value quality public education that gives all students a chance to succeed.

Now is our chance to get it right.

Add your voice to ours, and show your support for public education that creates change for the better.